How You Can Help

The Foundation is committed to fulfilling these objectives — but it needs your involvement. If you share our belief and understanding that we must ensure hope for future generations, we invite you to help build a promising future for the children of Indiana by supporting the Indiana Soccer Foundation’s mission and vision.

The Foundation cares and — like you — wants to leave a legacy with a lasting and meaningful impact on Indiana’s youth. To ensure lasting Foundation support to Indiana Youth Soccer we need:

  • Help from those of you who have seen the benefits of soccer in the lives of children.
  • Help from those of you who want to allow youth throughout Indiana to experience these benefits.

The Foundation offers many non-monetary ways that you can contribute your support:

  • Volunteering on a committee
    • The Foundation has four different committees, all comprised of volunteers. For more information on a committee, click on that committee’s name:
      • Finance Committee (PDF)
      • Grant Committee (PDF)
      • Development Committee (PDF)
      • Marketing Committee (PDF)
  • Serve on our Board
  • Donate time at an event
  • Organize a 50/50 fund raising event with the proceeds being split between the Foundation and your local charitable organization such as your club

To get more information on volunteer opportunities, contact Dean Vinten.