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The Foundation Quarterly: July-September 2019

President’s Corner

Your Foundation – Working for you, Paying it forward…

James Nickens

First, congratulations to all teams participating in this year’s Memorial Cup and the Indiana Cups. For those teams that advanced to regional competition, you represent the best in Indiana.

It has been an exciting 3rd Quarter. Ethan Rooks was the winner of last quarters Sudoku challenge. Indy Eleven provided tickets for our use for TOPSoccer children. The Foundation is exploring a possible partnership with the US Soccer Foundation and 4-H to promote Soccer for Success in Indiana. We look forward to telling you more about these developments in future newsletters.

Most importantly we would like to hear from you, our stakeholders. Where can the Indiana Soccer Foundation provide support for child development in Indiana? Please let us know – we are always looking for opportunities to match your need with our mission.

Finally, if you would like to invest your time and talent to support youth development in Indiana, please let me know via our website (

Make it a great day! -Jim Nickens.

The Importance of Values

Character • Social Development • Leadership • Self-discipline

The ISF mission is to improve the lives of youth through sport. We encourage parents, coaches and clubs to incorporate values education into their training programs by enhancing, supporting and fostering activities that focus on: Character, Social Development, Leadership, Self-discipline.

United Soccer Alliance of Indiana (USAI), teaches more than just the game; they strive to develop young men and women – through soccer – in a positive learning environment. The USAI program is about learning and education. It is not all about winning and success – that comes as a result of preparation, training, and the learning process.

The USAI core values program, called TEACH, centers around five principles:

  • Teach – Develop young men and women, one child at a time
  • Ethics – Do the right thing, the right way, at the right time, for the right reason
  • Accountability – Hold each other accountable to strive for personal development
  • Community – Develop community through youth sport. Embrace diversity, inclusiveness, volunteerism, and citizenship
  • Honor – Respect for self, teammates, opponents, coaches, referees.

Coaches use a R.E.C.C. Card (Respect, Ethics, Character, Community), above left, to support the program. Coaches share a R.E.C.C. Card with a player during practice whenever they display one of the core values.

Coaches share with parents who has received a R.E.C.C. Card and why. At the end of the month coaches submit the R.E.C.C. Card to USAI, who in turn recognizes the work of coaches in promoting core values.

Your Club – Our Foundation

Everybody Plays…

With this quarter we begin a new section “Your Club – Our Foundation”. This is your opportunity to tell your story about how the Foundation has supported your club or someone in your club who was financially, physically, or mentally challenged gain access to the game that meansso much to all of us.

This quarter our focus is on TOPSoccer and a comment sent to Sean Addison, Indiana TOPSoccer Program Coordinator, from a TOPSoccer parent. The note to Sean, shown below working with some of the children in the program, read:

“Hi Sean, “I just have to say Thank you! Our Ben is so excited about soccer! He had the absolute BEST time!! He has been talking about it all week! He is just over the moon excited! And please tell Brandon we so appreciate him! Ben has asked every day this week (and he totally knows the days of the week) if it is Sunday…because he wants to go play soccer with his new buddy.

“There are just no words to explain how happy it makes us to see him so incredibly engaged and excited about it! Thank you so very much for giving our little guy an opportunity to experience a sport like his peers without the guilt, frustration, sadness and uncomfortable awareness…that he’s not like his peers. “We so appreciate you and all the volunteers!”

Click here to watch the Indiana Soccer/Indy Premier TOPSoccer video

Indiana Soccer Foundation supports TOPSoccer through funding from the Annual Golf Outing, Silent Auction and direct donations.

The Past, the Present, the Future

Supporting Indiana youth and their families.

The Indiana Memorial Cup

The Indiana Memorial Cup was inspired by the loss of Rachael Fiege, who began her soccer career playing for Zionsville Youth Soccer Association (ZYSA) at the early age of 5. Her journey facilitated the development of numerous friends on and off the field and cultivated a passion for the game as she began playing travel soccer for Dynamo FC, FC Pride and Carmel United. She also participated in the Indiana Olympic Development Program, where she was named to the Indiana State Team and attended several Region II Camps.

Indiana Soccer and the Indiana Soccer Foundation are honored to provide the Indiana Memorial Cup to pay tribute to those players, coaches and referees whom we have lost much too soon (ages 21 and under).

The Indiana Cups

Held during June at Grand Park in Westfield, IN, the Indiana Cups are the culmination of the soccer season. The Indiana Cups (the State Cup, the President’s Cup and the Challenge Cup) are tournament events leading to further Regional and National tournament play. Each are described below. Congratulations to all the boys and girls Cup participants and age group winners. Details can be found at the respective website shown below.

The Indiana State Cup is part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series. Top ranked teams for age groups 13U-19U are selected to participate in the Indiana State Cup. State champions advance to the Midwest Regionals. Regional champions advance to the National Finals.

Indiana Presidents Cup Champions advance to the US Youth Soccer Midwest Region Presidents Cup for teams ages 13U-19U. Regional champions advance to the National President Cup that features boys’ and girls’ teams in the 13U-18U age groups. (19U teams do not advance to national competition).

The Indiana Soccer Challenge Cup is an annual state championship tournament event open to 11U17U travel and rec+ teams from Indiana. Midwest Conference, Great Lakes Conference, and ISL Premier teams are not eligible to participate in the Challenge Cup.

Supporting Indiana Youth

Supporting youth not otherwise able to play the game.

The Foundation Mission

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them”

Through your contributions to the Foundation (, we are able to help those Indiana children who are financially, physically, or mentally challenged gain access to the game that means so much to all of us.

Partnering with Indy Eleven

In cooperation with Indy Eleven, the Indiana Soccer Foundation received 100 tickets for various games during the month of July. Tickets were distributed by the Foundation Board to various TOPSoccer teams throughout Indiana.

“It is our pleasure to support the Indiana Soccer Foundation and its mission to youth by focusing on Character, Social Development, Leadership, and Selfdiscipline. All are values that last a life-time”, said. Greg Stremlaw, CEO – Indy Eleven.

Sean Addison, Indiana TOPSoccer Director added, “I would like to thank the Indiana Soccer Foundation and Indy 11 for making the “Night of Champions” an awesome night to showcase what our program does! Because of their generous donations, we were able to have over 100 people experience game day!

“The reactions that I got from this game were awesome. We are excited to do more in the future. The pregame on field experience was a highlight that our athletes thoroughly enjoyed. Because of the gift of tickets, we were able to sit together and give some of our athlete’s their first experience of a professional soccer team. Indy 11 and the Indiana Soccer Foundation made some new fans this night!

Foundation to Partner with US Youth Soccer and 4-H

The Indiana Soccer Foundation is exploring the possibilities of a partnership with the US Soccer Foundation and 4-H to bring the Soccer for Success program to Indiana.

Soccer for Success is designed to instill all the qualities you see in the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Team in our young girls and boys — that passion, resilience, unity, support for one another, and so much more. The program basically does three things. It supports:

  • Healthy Living. Kids attend Soccer for Success after school three times a week throughout the academic year. Participants learn about eating right and other ways to stay healthy, and they gain important decision-making and relationship skills from their interactions with coach-mentors and peers.
  • Mentorship. Soccer for Success coaches are also mentors. They teach kids the fundamentals of soccer, but also strive to help children build confidence and recognize the value of hard work, teamwork and persistence in achieving personal goals. By learning what it takes to be on a team, kids are also being prepared to be productive community citizens.
  • Community Focused. The lessons Soccer for Success teaches don’t stop on the field. Coach-mentors meet with families regularly to educate parents and guardians about how to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle and nurture their child’s personal growth. We will keep you updated through our newsletter.

On the Lighter Side…

Soccer “CHAMPIONS” Sudoku!

Be the 11th person to correctly complete this Sudoku soccer puzzle and win 4 tickets to an Indy Eleven game on September 4th, 11th, or the 14th and a collector Indy Eleven scarf.

Fill in the grid with the letters C, H, A, M, P, I, O, N and S. Make sure no letter is repeated in every row, every column and within each mini grid. Send your completed puzzle to

The 2ND Quarter Winner Was…

The winner of last quarter’s Sudoku puzzle was Ethan Rooks. In cooperation with Sogility, Ethan will receive an hour’s worth of testing and training. Testing will be via the Rezzil VR system and training will be a 30-minute TOCA session with a trainer.

A sixth-grade student at Zionsville middle school, Ethan has been playing soccer since he was 3. He is an alto saxophone player and hopes to join the jazz band this year. His favorite subject is Math and wants to be a mathematician.

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