Each of us knows of a child who gained self esteem, learned sportsmanship, or became a more social person because of their involvement in soccer.

For many of us, that is the greatest gift we received from soccer — not increasing in specific physical skills, but the growth and development that came from our involvement. That’s why we want OUR children involved in soccer.

The Indiana Soccer Foundation believes that youth is a time of promise. We believe that the many benefits of soccer should be available to ALL children throughout Indiana — regardless of barriers.

Made up of volunteers just like you who care about Indiana’s youth, the Foundation has a carefully thought out vision, mission, and objectives for achieving that mission. However, those objectives cannot be achieved without passionate, caring people who are willing to assist us. The opportunities for you to help are numerous — from volunteering time to giving financial assistance. Please consider helping tomorrow’s leaders through the Indiana Soccer Foundation!

Dean Vinten
President, Indiana Soccer Foundation

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